Who is Myxy Beauty?

Myxy Beauty (pronounced mix-ee) is a cruelty-free & vegan beauty brand that is based in Los Angeles. We do not use any animals or animal by-products to create or develop our products. As of now, our main featured product is our eyelash collection. 


 Why are the eyelashes considered "faux mink"?

Our lashes are created to have the 3D fluffy haired effect and similar to mink lashes, hence why it is considered "faux mink". The band and hairs are made completely out of 100% synthetic fibers and the band is purposefully made flexible and lighter on the eyes. However we do not use any mink or any kind of animal hair/fur whatsoever. 


Can mink lashes be considered cruelty-free?

No. Many eyelash brands will sell real mink eyelashes and advertise them as cruelty-free. They will state that they "collect the hair as it is naturally shed off". However majority of eyelash suppliers, especially the mink industry, are located in China where they cage these small furry animals and put them under dirty and cruel living conditions. The definition of cruelty-free is the manufacturing or development of a product without the harm or testing of animals. Therefore, real mink eyelashes cannot be considered cruelty-free.