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These beautiful, fluffy lashes are tapered on the outer eye to give the eyes a lift! The lash fibers are threaded closer on the band to create volume and give the eyes an expensive look.


All of our lashes are cruelty-free & vegan! We do not support any animal involvement or animal testing to create our products. 


​​Material: 100% synthetic fiber

Color: Black

Length: 1 cm (inner corner) to 1.5 cm (outer corner)

How to Apply

Step 1: Remove lashes from the packaging. Tug the ends of the bands to remove it from the plastic tray and AVOID tugging the lashes directly at the tips because this may result in damaging the lashes or possibly removing the lash from the base of the band. 


Step 2: Place eyelash onto lashline to see how much length you will need to cut. We highly recommend allowing at least half a centimeter of space from your inner corner to avoid the lash band from poking your inner corner during wear. 


Step 3: After measuring the desired length, cut the lashes from the outer end of the band. Do not cut the inner side of the band as this may mess with the design of how the lashes are made! 


Step 4: Apply lash glue to the lash band and wait until the glue is tacky (many lash glues will even change color once they are tacky enough). 


Step 5: Let the glue dry and use an eyelash curler to curl them together to your natural lashes. 

And you are done! Ready to take on any day or night with those fluttery eyes!